Mears Motor Leasing History

Mears Motor Leasing was founded in 1952. Since that time, Mears Motor Leasing has become a leader in the field of vehicle leasing throughout the state of Florida. In 2005, Mears Motor Leasing merged with The Bancorp Bank, enabling us to expand our services nationwide. We offer the widest range of lease plans available in todayís market. Our Municipal Financing and Closed-End Lease Plans are tailored to meet the customerís requirements while keeping the paperwork to a minimum.

As a financial division of the Bancorp Bank, Mears is able to offer Finance Lease Plans for vehicles and equipment to Municipalities at very competitive rates for any amount. Mears works closely with you and your finance department and offers the flexibility to structure payments annually, semi-annually, quarterly or monthly to meet their budgetary requirements.

Our Closed-End Lease Plan allows agencies to pay for only the useful life of the vehicle, which offers greater flexibility when budgeting. We have developed a strong working relationship with most of the major automobile manufacturers and dealers allowing us to offer the customer lower payment rates by making use of incentives.

We believe that customer service and relationship building is the key to our success. Your account executive works with you throughout the process and is always available to address any questions or issues that might arise. Over the years Mears has developed a strong team of experienced support people to assist in all aspects of the leasing process including tag and title and service needs.

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