Commercial Leasing

Mears can be your fleet management partner. We offer Open-End Leases (known as Finance or Capital) and Closed-End Leases (also known as Operating, Fixed-Price Walk-Away or No-Risk). Your specific program can be written to include 12-60 month leases with low, high or unlimited mileage.

We have the expertise to order, register, deliver, license and dispose of your vehicles nationwide. As an independent leasing company, we work with all the major vehicle manufacturers and fully understand commercial fleet incentives.

We are a One-Stop-Shop for your fleet requirements.

Advantages of Leasing with Mears Motor Leasing

  1. Lower monthly payments
  2. Improved fleet management
  3. Simplified accounting procedures
  4. Newer vehicles/less maintenance
  5. Average monthly savings 20-25%
  6. Improved corporate image
  7. Licensing and registration
  8. Pay only for the portion of the vehicle used
  9. Lease payments are 100% deductible

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